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Green Bay Auto Glass

Auto glass is often referred to as safety glass due to the fact that it functions in the vehicle to protect the all the people in the vehicle and the way it is constructed and installed. The windshield is one of the most important components of the vehicle’s safety along with the seat belts and airbags. Since windshields are so important to your safety, Green Bay Auto Glass handles all auto glass services with the highest standard of care.

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Windshields are layered to protect the passengers and driver from being injured. The top layer and the bottom layer are both composed of a type of glass that is molded & bonded to the layer in the middle through a process called lamination. If the windshield is broken by impact, it does not shatter, detach or cause injuries to anyone in the vehicle. The reason it does not shatter or detach is because the broken windshield auto glass layers adhere to each other and remain in place. The windshield layers that are laminated together also helps to prevent the driver and passengers from being ejected from the vehicle if a high impact collision occurs.

The other auto glass components in a vehicle are normally constructed with glass that is tempered and specifically designed not to break into large glass shards that are extremely dangerous. The tempered glass will, alternatively, break into many small pieces. In the unfortunate event of a car accident, the tempered glass will provide additional security and protection to the people in the vehicle.

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Green Bay Auto Glass only hires the top auto glass technicians in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They all have both the expertise and knowledge to replace or repair your windshield or auto glass conveniently, quickly and to the highest standards. We adhere to the recommendations of the vehicle manufactures and to all federal standards that relate directly to auto glass repair and replacement. Green Bay Auto Glass technicians all attend and successfully complete periodic training sessions and workshops that are taught by the adhesive manufactures, vehicle manufactures and adhesive manufactures directly. This ongoing training ensures that all of our technicians have the most up to date training and ability to repair and replace the most advanced auto glass. Technology is constantly progressing and that goes for technology in automobiles – specifically automobile safety and windshield integration. Green Bay Auto Glass makes sure all technicians keep up with the newest technology and changing trends.

Green Bay Auto Glass’ mission is to provide the Green Bay, WI residents with high quality windshield auto glass replacement and repair services only using the highest quality materials, top notch workmanship and 100% customer satisfaction. Green Bay Auto Glass offers a free mobile service to anyone in Green Bay, Wisconsin. When you call Green Bay Auto Glass, we will send an auto glass technician directly to your location to repair or replace your auto glass onsite. We are certified to work for all automobile insurance carriers and we will be there to help you with the insurance claim.

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